Christmas Ornaments

(Isaiah 11:1-10 Peace in God's Kingdom, or Matthew 1:18 The Birth of Jesus)

Today's craft is an easy Christmas ornament. I first found it here. Our lesson today was about peace in God's kingdom, and since it's Christmas time, the ornament was a perfect fit.

Materials needed:

Clothes pin pegs (Michael's/Hobby Lobby)
Raffia (any color is fine)
Wooden stars (Michael's/Hobby Lobby)
Hot glue gun & glue sticks (for adult use only!)
Drill, saw & sandpaper - or a hubby with skills ;)


Several steps are a must before class: 1) For each ornament, cut off the legs of one of the pegs to make the baby. The edges will be rough, so a slight smoothing with sandpaper is needed. 2) Drill a small hole in the center of each star. 

Everything else can be done in class, but in the interest of time, I also pre-cut the wire, raffia, and twine, and hot glued Mary and Joseph together. Exact lengths for the wire, raffia and twine are not important. Just eyeball it. Notice that Mary and Joseph are staggered in height. I did this at the suggestion of Lisa Brown, who first posted this craft. I like the way it looks.

Give each child one set of parents, one piece of raffia, twine, and wire, one wooden star, and one pen (or other writing instrument).

Ask the children to write their name and the year on the back of the parents. It is best to write this information down the legs of the parents so the hot glue that is about to be applied will not cover it up. My parents had a definite front and back because when I glued them together, the glue oozed to one side or the other. We obviously made the messy side the backside.

Next, have the children put the wire through the hole in the star and twist the ends to hold the star securely.

Now hot glue the twine and the wire with the star onto the back of the parents.

While the glue is hardening, have the children tie the raffia bow around the neck of the baby. Trim the ends if they are too long.

Lastly, glue the baby onto the front of the parents.

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