Love One Another

John 15: 9-17

Happy Mother's Day! Today we studied Jesus' instructions for us to love one another as he loves us. What a perfect lesson for Mother's Day. Since LOVE is our theme today, finding a craft that would make a good Mother's Day gift was a breeze. I hope you enjoy this precious flower-in-a-pot craft. This one is suitable for all ages.


  • Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
  • Colored Paper
  • Craft Sticks
  • Heart Punches, Large & Small
  • Seed Starter Pots
  • Shredded Brown Paper
  • Green Paint (optional - see Pre-Class Prep note below)
  • Paint Brush (if painting)
  • Glass Gems (or Pebbles)
  • Buttons or Pompoms
  • Labels/Tags (optional - see #10 below)
  • Pens, Sharpies, Crayons (optional - see #10 below)

Pre-Class Prep:

The only thing to do before class for this craft is one simple optional step. Originally, I planned to use the craft sticks that can be purchased already painted green for the flower stem. However, when I stumbled upon these really cool shaped craft sticks in Michele's I could not resist even though I knew they would require painting. I considered letting the kids color the stems themselves with crayons, but as time is always too short, I knew it would be wiser to do this beforehand.


The whole thing can be constructed with regular kid-friendly craft glue or with hot glue. I prefer hot glue because it sets up quickly making it easier for the kids to carry the project home without it falling apart. Of course if using hot glue, use with caution and do not allow the kids to handle the glue gun.

1. Apply a generous ring of glue around the bottom of the flower pot. A little more than this, actually:

2. Stand a green stem up in the middle of the pot. Add a single layer of gem stones around the base.

3. Apply another heavy ring of glue around the top of the stones. Add more stones. The stones will add weight to the pot and glueing them in with the stem holds the flower securely.

4. Spread one more ring of hot glue on top of the last addition of stones and top with the shredded brown paper. Pack the paper down well.

5. Using the heart punches, cut two small hearts for the leaves and 4 or 5 large hearts for the peddles (for each flower).

6. Glue the tips of the peddles together.

7. Glue a button, pompom, or any other small item in the center.

8. Attach the flower head to the top of the stem with glue.

9. Glue the leaves in place. The leaves should go on last so the placement is easier. 

10. Another option, that my kids decided not to do, is placing a label/tag on the pot. In my Materials picture above, you will see that there are a stack of white decorative labels and a few sharpies. I told the kids they could write a note to their mother (e.g., Happy Mother's Day) on the label and then stick it to the flower pot. But, since none of them actually did that, and the labels are in my materials list, I thought I should mention it.

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