New To Teaching?

Welcome new teachers! If you are on the verge of a panic attack, because dear sweet Lord, what were you thinking by volunteering, well, relax. It’s going to be just fine. I know, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have the time or the energy for this, or maybe you don’t have a Martha Stewart bone in your body, so how in the world are you going to deal with this? It will be o.k. I’m going to show you a few things that will make teaching Sunday school seem much less overwhelming. 

I have belonged to a handful of churches throughout my life, and one thing they seemed to all have in common is they are always looking for Sunday school teachers. I think it is fair to say that the position notoriously has a high turnover rate. Admittedly, I was once a reluctant volunteer. Yes, I’ve been known to tuck my gaze and dart into an unopened door in an effort to avoid that awkward question, “Would you mind helping out by volunteering to be a teacher this year?” followed by a pleading puppy pout. But now, much to my surprise, I can’t imagine not teaching.

My hope is that I can do my little part to end the Sunday school teacher drought by providing an easy to follow class outline, a few tips and secrets, fun craft and game ideas, and links I have found helpful in my quest for the perpetual activity search. I think you’ll see teaching Sunday school can be quiet doable, and yes, even fun for you and the kids. I pray your fears will be calmed and the teacher inside of you will come giggling out.

A few things you may want to know about me right up front:
  • I do not force my students to sit quietly in their seats while I read the lesson in a monotone voice.
  • I do allow my class to get noisy. So far, no one has complained. 
  • I usually do not employ messy crafts (i.e. paint), only because the kids are in their church clothes, and I’d rather not make a mama mad.  
  • I am somewhat creative, but I will never, ever, be mistaken for Martha.

So, come on in, and let’s have some fun.

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