Winter Door Decorations

We have not had many Sunday school days lately due to holidays and various other special events at our church, so I haven't posted much. However, it is time to update our door decoration. I'm going with a generic winter theme this time so I won't have to change it again for a few months.

This one is super-duper easy. Cute pre-cut snowflakes are usually easy to find this time of year. Alternatively, you could cut them out yourself, of course. That would be a good craft to do in class one day if you wanted to get the kids involved in the project. 

The rest is just pre-cut letters, white art paper, and tape. My snowflakes came in a package of 32. Since the door only held half that, I scattered the rest throughout the classroom. It gave it a nice fun feel in there. I free handed the piled snow on the art paper and cut it out. And that's it. It took longer to punch out the pre-cut letters than it did to tape everything up. Easy, easy, easy.

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