Zacchaeus and the Sycamore Tree

(Luke 19)

When I first saw this craft on Pinterest, I knew exactly what to do with it!

This craft screams Zacchaeus to me. Click here to see the source for this brilliant craft, Pikadilly Charm. There are plenty of treasures on their site, so please do check them out.

Materials needed:

1 lunch size paper bag per child

Scissors for each child
Good old fashioned Elmer's Glue (glue sticks do not work well for this)
Construction paper (green for summer tree or gold, red, & yellow for fall tree)

Prep. before class:

Fold back the edge of a piece of construction paper about half an inch. Cut leave shapes on fold line. Keep folding paper and cutting shapes until there is a nice size pile.

Alternative: Pikadilly Charm did not precut the leaves as I have done here. They let the kids tear pieces of paper to use as leaves. Next time, I will do it that way as well. The torn paper also made a pretty tree, and I like that fact that 100% of the project is done by the kids that way. I chose to precut because I was concerned about time. In retrospect, it really wouldn't have taken any more time for the kids to hand-tear the leaves.  


1. With Paper bag folded flat, cut slits from the top of bag to about an inch and a half from the folded bag bottom. The closer the cuts end to the bottom of the bag, the shorter the tree trunk will be.

2. Open the bag so it is standing.

3. Twist the uncut portion of bag into a trunk while flattening the bottom of bag to make a platform. 

4. Twist two pieces of cut bag together to make branches until all pieces are twisted...

...like this.

5. Glue leaves into place.

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