Joseph's Dreams

(Genesis 37 & 40)

There are numerous places in the bible where dreams are mentioned. The stories we see in Sunday school are usually associated with Joseph. First, Joseph has two dreams that we learn foretell his own future. Then later, he interprets dreams for others.

An easy craft for any lesson involving dreams is, of course, a dream catcher.


Wooden embroidery hoops (any size)
Any object that can be used in the center. See * below.
Popsicle sticks

* I found these glittery heart cutouts at Michaels after Valentine's Day on sale for $1.00 for a package of 4 (or was it 5?). Although the shape and size was perfect, the glitter was a mistake. I rubbed as much as possible off, but what remained was annoying. It worked fine; I just didn't care for the glitter. Any rigid cutout shape will work.


1) Remove the outer ring. We will only be working with the inner ring. The outer ring can be used, but I chose to only use the inner ring so as not to have any hardware on the dream catcher. I'm sure the outside ring will come in handy one day for different project.

2) Using a different color than is desired for the finished product, tie the cutout at two opposite points inside the ring to hold it into place. I liked the off-center look, but anywhere is fine.

3) Cut a piece of yarn about a yard long. More or less may be used depending on how thick the weaving is desired. If multiple colors are used, thread each color individually for be results.

4) Tie one end of the yarn to a popsicle stick. Wind the yarn around the stick. This is to make it easier to manage the yarn while threading it around the ring.

5) Tie the loose end to the ring at any position keeping the knot in the back.

6) Wrap the yarn through the center of the cutout and around the outside edges of the ring moving all the way around the ring. When all the yarn has been wrapped, remove the popsicle stick and tie that end to the back of the ring. Optional: Repeat with other colors.

7) Remove the stabilizing pieces of yarn added in step 2 above.

8) Tie another piece of yarn to the top and hang. 

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