Glitter Clip Club Badge!

Clip Chart continued (see previous post below)...
When a child earns the fabulous Glitter Clip as described in the previous post, they are also bestowed a Glitter Clip Club Badge. I worked all week trying out different designs and materials, and finally settled on this one. The kids were very excited to see them displayed on the wall this morning. I only made six for now. Each time one is awarded, I will make a new one to take its place. This was a concern for some of the kids today. It only took a second for them to see there were only six badges and they knew we have at least twelve kids that come regularly to our class. What a relief it was for them to learn I can easily make more. :)

Materials needed:

u Wooden stars (I found mine at Michaels on the pre-cut wood isle. They were 29¢ each.)

u Mod Podge or some other glue/varnish combo. (My Liquitex came from Hobby Lobby, found on the paint supplies isle and was roughly $16.00. I have had this bottle more than a year, used it on countless projects, and it's still half full.)

u Bar Pins (one for each star.) These are the fasteners that attach an item to clothing.

u Strong glue (I like Weldbond because it holds a variety of materials very securely. Goes on white, dries clear.)

u Ribbon

u Gold Glitter

u Scissors

u Paint brush

u Gold Sharpie

1) Apply the Liquitex (or glue/varnish of choice) to the face of each star.

2) Cover the stars with a thick layer of glitter. Let dry completely.

3) Remove the loose glitter. Paint another layer of vanish on top of the glittered stars and cover the stars again with fresh glitter. This gives the stars a nice thick coat of glitter. I found that covering the stars only once left holes. Let dry completely again. 

4) Remove the excess glitter again. If holes still remain, patch the problem spots.

5) Top the whole thing off with one more generous layer of Liquitex (or glue/varnish of choice) to seal the glitter to the star. This will keep the glitter on the star and off of everything else for a long, long time. Let dry. 

6) Cut the ribbon into 6" lengths.

7) Gently fold the ribbon in half lengthwise and cut the bottom notch.

8) Using the gold Sharpie, write the words, "Glitter Clip Club" on each ribbon.

9) When the glitter steps are complete, glue one bar pin and one ribbon onto the back side of each star. Let dry at least 24 hours. The glue will be clear when it has completely cured.

10) Hang near the Clip Chart as additional incentive!

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