Moses and the Ten Commandments

(Exodus 20:1-21)

This week we study Moses and the Ten Commandments. This is an extremely easy craft I like to use because it reinforces memorization. Some kids get really artsy and shade the tablet edges to give it a 3D effect.


Brown paper bags or brown wrapping paper

Markers, colors, pens or pencils
A bible for each child, if possible

Before Class Prep:

  1. Fold paper in half. 
  2. Freehand the shape of half of the tablet on the paper leaving one edge along the fold. 
  3. Cut out the tablet being sure not to cut on the fold line. 
  4. Open the paper like a book.

Although I used a roll of brown paper wrapping, I drew my tablet about the size of a normal grocery bag. This gave the kids ample space to write out all ten commandments and it makes an impressive presentation this large. I find it easier for time's sake to pre-cut the tablets before class day.


Help each child locate the Ten Commandments in a bible. Ask them to copy the commandments onto their tablet using their preferred writing utensil. This will take a while for most kids, so allow at least twenty minutes for third and fourth graders.

Now the fun part...ask them to wad the paper into a ball. Next, smooth it out to their liking. VoilĂ ! The Ten Commandments.

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