Fishers of Men

(Mark 1:14-22)

At first glance, today's scripture appeared very simple... too simple for a game. There are a plethora of fish crafts but, we haven't played a game in a while, and I had my heart set on having an active activity this week. I read the scripture over and over trying to pick out enough details to support a game. As the week waned, I tried to talk myself into a craft anyway. But I couldn't do it. Thankfully, I awoke Saturday morning with this game idea:


Colored cardstock
Any fish drawing
Bean bags (hacky sacks would work well, too)

Optional: Blue plastic disposable table cloth

If you do not want to draw your own fish, or have a picture you can use, you are welcome to download mine here. (Of course, this is for your private use only, and you may not sell the image or anything made from it.)

Pre-class Instructions:

1. Using a copy machine or printer, copy the fish image onto 18 pieces of colored cardstock.

2. Cut out the fish.

3. Write one question on the back of each fish. Notice there are only 9 questions, but I have instructed you to cut out 18 fish. Each question will appear on two fish. This allows the game to be played in teams (each team getting their own set of questions/fish, or when there are only a few kids playing, the repetition will help them learn the correct answers.)

4. Print out the question & answer sheet in case it is needed during game play.

How to play:

1. If using a blue tablecloth to mimic water, spread it on floor.

2. Spread the fish, face up, on top of the water. If not using the tablecloth, just spread the fish in a smallish area on the floor.

3. Pick a spot on the floor where the kids will stand when it is their turn. I used a rug we have in our room. I simply told them they could not step off the rug during their throw.

4. Each child gets one throw at a time. They are to toss the bean bag in an attempt to land on a fish. 

5. When they land on a fish, they get to turn it over and read the question aloud. If they get the answer right, they get to keep the fish. If they do not know the answer, the fish must be returned to the sea, face up. Be sure to tell everyone the correct answer so the next time someone lands on that fish, they will know the answer.

6. The team or child with the most fish at the end of the game wins. 

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