Buzzer Trivia Game: Liturgical Calendar and The Gospels

The kids have requested another game using the buzzers. They were a big hit last year when we used them with our Noah's Ark lesson. So much so, that the kids still remember exactly how to play that game! 

As you may have noticed, we have been primarily studying lessons in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John this year. The kids are now able to locate The Gospels in their bibles without help, but they are having some difficulty remembering all four names on their own, so I decided to build a trivia game to reinforce some of the general gospels info. 

Another weak area for the kids is the liturgical calendar. We move the calendar marker every Sunday, and we talk about the church seasons frequently, but most of the kids tend to stare at me with glassy eyes during these conversations, so I thought adding in some calendar questions would also be good review.

The beauty of Buzzer Trivia is that any questions can be used and additional elements can be added into the game. The additional element we used today is the calendar. Read on for specifics.


Printer Magnetic Sheets
Liturgical Calendar Puzzle
Trivia Questions

Pre-Class Instructions:

1. Download the Liturgical Calendar Puzzle and print it on the magnetic sheets. If you do not want to use this puzzle, use any image that will compliment your lesson, and that can be made into a puzzle. One magnetic puzzle image will be needed for each team.

2. Download and print the trivia questions (on regular printer paper). Alternatively, any biblical questions may be used.

3. Cut the calendar (or other image) out - piece by piece.

4. If using the calendar, notice the words "Christmas" and "Day of Pentecost" are not actually written on the puzzle pieces. Take the sharpie and handwrite them on the correct piece since once they are cut out, they will not be labeled otherwise. 

Game Play:

 1. The kids wanted to divide up into Girls vs. Boys. Draw a space on the board for each team and randomly place the puzzle pieces in their area.

2. Set up a place with two buzzers. Have one player from each team stand/sit in front of their buzzer, one hand behind their back, and one hand (completely) palm down on the table.

3. Read a question aloud. The first buzzer to sound gets to answer the question. If the question is answered correctly, the team gets to jointly decide where to place the first puzzle piece. If the answer is incorrect, the other player gets to answer. If they get it right, their team places a puzzle piece. If their answer is incorrect, both players return to their seats and two more players get into position (for a new question). Be sure to tell the group the correct answer, but do not ask that question again until all the other questions have been asked.

4. The first team to correctly complete their puzzle wins. If possible use a puzzle that is easy to put together incorrectly. Since our calendar is a circle, it could be put together in a number of ways, but only one way is correct. This adds a level of difficulty to the game. If a team completes the puzzle incorrectly, the game continues until they get it right.

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