Serving Others

Matthew 23:11           Proverbs 19:17          1 John 3:18          Matthew 25:35-40     Matthew 20:18           Mark 7: 1-23              Matthew 5:42      Matthew 6:1-4           1 Timothy 6:18

There are so many verses that this activity would go with that I will not bother to try to list them all.

Before we get started, I simply must tell you where I found this brilliant idea: The Fickle Pickle. The kids LOVED this activity. Thank you Fickle Pickle!

This lesson is about serving others, so we went undercover to bestow kind deeds upon our friends and family. Each child was given a Top Secret envelope containing a pair of undercover sunglasses (standard issue for a secret agent, don't ya know), a self-stick mustache (to complete the disguise, of course), a pencil and a mini notebook (to keep track of deeds performed), a Mission Possible letter, and a list of Secret Service Suggestions. I did not include a picture of my Mission Possible letter or my Secret Service Suggestion list because you really need to see the ones written by The Fickle Pickle. I changed mine slightly to fit our situation, but her examples are so fun!!


I found the cute envelopes at Knowledge Tree. They actually aren't envelopes at all. They are Jumbo Library Pockets. I folded over the top portion and taped them shut to serve as envelopes. All others items were found at the Dollar Store. Don't forget to include a Mission Possible letter and some Secret Service Suggestions!I can't wait to hear what great things the kids did to serve others this week!

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