The first day back after summer is always exciting for me. I have had two months to plan the new Sunday school year and to test drive a few new crafts. I never get as much done as I hope for, but that's okay. I like setting my goals high. Why set them low, right?!

We have a new volunteer teacher in the 3rd & 4th grade room this year. I am excited to be sharing the class with her. Having her help means I will be teaching every other Sunday. I hope this translates into more time to blog. We'll see if I can make that happen. :)

This year I chose to decorate the door using items founds at The Knowledge Tree. (I love that place!) I added sticky letters to the banner, and I made a flower pot out of poster board and border paper. It was a splurge monetarily, costing a total of $35.00, but I will reuse the individual pieces in other projects, and it was fast to assemble, so I think it was worth it.

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