Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10: 42-56

Today we learned that blind Bartimaeus was healed by Jesus because Bartimaeus had such strong faith.

An easy activity to go along with this lesson requires very little prep. and allows the children to explore the challenges of being blind.


One scratch kit found at Hobby Lobby:              

Blindfolds found at Dollar Tree:

This was a great lesson to talk about many topics. We first discussed people we encounter in our lives today begging on the side of the road. This is who Bartimaeus was—a beggar.

Next, we moved into sharing our experiences with people who are blind. Blind people typically have extraordinary hearing. This is probably how Bartimaeus knew it was Jesus who was walking nearby.

We wrapped up the lesson by talking about what it means to have faith.

I'd like to take a moment for a word of caution here. I would not suggest ever blindfolding all the students at once, unless there are other adults around as, hmmmm, witnesses. As a parent, I would be very upset with any adult who blindfolded my child, and everyone else in the room, except themselves. As a teacher, I wouldn't ever want my actions to appear questionable. Therefore, I asked two other adults to step into the room for the few minutes we were working with the blindfolds.

Each child was given a scratch card & a wooden stick. They were asked to draw any picture they liked, blindfolded. They enjoyed the challenge and we had a great time seeing how talented they all were without the help of their eyesight. 

This would also be a great time to talk about what sounds they heard while blindfolded. I planned to have that discussion, but we moved on into a game and I forgot. I'll post the game another time.

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