Christmas Lanterns

Luke 9:5

I made a few changes to this old craft. It was a good idea, but honestly, I was disappointed. Here's how to not make the same mistakes....

In an effort to cutesy up this craft, I decided to use colored gift bags with handles. The colors were nice, I thought. The handles will be ...handy, I thought. The "on sale" price made them almost as cheap as the standard lunch size paper bag, so why not, I thought. My reasoning was good; however, I did not realize is these bags are significantly thicker than the traditional cheap lunch bags. Big deal, right? Well, it was a big deal. Not catastrophe big, just "I won't do this again" big.

The bags were thick (especially in the area where the handles attach), and our child-safe scissors were dull, so making neat cutouts was impossible. We laughed it off and did our best, but next time I'll go back to the cheap lunch bags. The middle bag with baby Jesus is mine. It looks ok from a distance but, believe me, up close it is a jagged mess. LOL


1. Using a pencil, lightly draw shapes onto on side of a bag. Large, simple shapes are best, i.e. stars, hearts, circles.

2. Cut out the shapes.

3. Place a battery operated votive candle inside. I opted to skip the rocks/sand usually used as weight in the bottom of the bag because I reasoned that these lanterns will more than likely be displayed around the house and the weights won't be necessary. I told the kids they could collect a few rocks from their yard to put inside if they have trouble with it falling over. 

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