The Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree

Luke 13: 6-9

Trees are mentioned in the bible many times. Adam and Eve's apple tree, the barren fig tree, and Zacchaeus's sycamore tree are a few of the most famous. Today we are going to make a 3D tree to go along with any lesson about trees. I once posted a tree craft (found hereusing paper bags; however, I did not have any bags on hand this time, so I came up with this alternative to save myself a trip to the store. 

Most of my crafts are targeted toward 1st through 5th graders, but today's craft would also be good for kindergarteners. 

Materials needed:

Tree template (free download here: Front  Back)
Green felt or construction paper

Before Class Prep.:

1. Download and print tree templates onto the front and back of the cardstock, or draw your own. Two pages are needed for each tree/student.

2. Trim the bottom of each page so the tree roots are at the very bottom edge of the page.

3. Cut a rough tree foliage shape around the branches.

4. On half of the pages, cut a long slit from the top middle down to midway on each tree trunk.

5. On the other half of the pages, cut a long slit from the bottom middle to midway up each trunk.

See pictures below. Each tree is formed by sliding together one upper cut tree and one lower cut tree.

I went ahead and put the trees together before class so I did not have to fumble with matching up top cut and bottom cut pages while in class. Once the trees are together they collapse down flat again without having to take them apart. This made it easy to pass out both pages to each child at the same time.

Class Instructions:

1. Give each child two tree pages.

2. Ask the children to take the tree pages apart and decorate. They have the option of coloring the tree leaves or cutting leaves from the felt/construction paper and glueing. 

3. Slide the two pages back together and the tree is complete.

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