Jesus Appears to Desciples While Fishing

John 21:1-14

Today's lesson tells the story of the disciples fishing all night to no avail. The next morning, Jesus calls to them from the shore with instructions to cast their nets. Upon doing so, their nets overflow with fish. 

This craft will go well with any of the many bible lessons containing fish.


Color Foam Sheets (or colored paper)
Card board or any stiff board
Fish drawing (get my template here)
Googly eyes (not pictured)

Before Class Prep:

I used foam sheets for this craft because I wanted a rigid, durable fish. This craft could just as easily be made with colored paper. Using foam sheets will require the fish to be individually traced by hand, whereas using regular paper allows the fish template to be run through a copier.

1. Print the fish template above, if you don't have a fish outline you'd like to use.   

2. Trace the fish parts onto the foam sheets and cut out. 

3. Cut the fish body piece into multiple strips cutting from top to bottom. I cut my in wavy strips, but straight or slightly concave works well also. 

4. Draw the mouth onto the head pieces, tail marks on the tails, and fin marks on the fins.

5. Cut the cardboard into strips seven or eight inches long.

Class Construction:

1. Let the children pick one fish head, tail, fin and googly eye(s). 

2. Give them one strip of cardboard.

3. Ask them to first glue the head onto one end of the cardboard strip.

4. Next they are to pick body strips of different colors and glue them to the cardboard arranging them from small to large to small again down the strip. 

5. Finish it off with a tail, fin, and googly eye(s).

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