Jacob Returns Home

(Genesis 32-33)

In honor of football season, we played Bible Football today. This game can be played with any lesson, and with any number of players.

Materials Needed:

  • Six to ten questions and answers relating to the story.
    • (Click here for Jacob Returns Home Q&As.)
  • Each question (not answers) printed on a different colored piece of paper. Two sets are needed if playing in teams.
    • (Click here for Jacob Returns Home playing board pages.)
  • Packaging tape to attach pages to tabletop.
  • Tablecloth (two if playing in teams) to cover the game board until time to play.
  • Paper footballs - One for each player.
    • (Click here for a youtube video on how to fold paper footballs, or search "How to fold a paper football" for other videos/methods.) 

Before Class Prep.:

Using the packaging tape, attach the colored pages with questions to the top of the table as shown:

Cover the table with a decorative tablecloth so the game board is hidden.

Hide the footballs in a container or drawer because they are very distracting to the kids. :)

Time To Play:

When it is time to play, move the table so the short end is against the wall or dry erase board to act as a backboard and unveil the game board. Fans will go wild with amazement because they didn't know something was being hidden!

Write each player's name on the dry erase board for score keeping. A goal may also be added if an extra level of difficulty is desired. More on that below.

Allow each child to pick a football.


Players take turns flicking their football onto the colored pages. As they land on a question, players answer the question. Each player must answer each question correctly one by one. As each child gives the correct answer, write the number of the question on the board under their name. This helps keep track of who has answered which questions. If any question is answered incorrectly, the player must try for that question again on a different turn. The first to answer all the questions correctly wins.

If the class is large, and two tables are available, this game may be played in teams. If using the team method, be sure to print two sets of question pages. With two game boards, the teams race against each other. Each team, not each player, has to answer all the questions correctly. I recommend having two adults present for team play. Have one adult per team to keep track of correct answers. Teams play at the same time, so it can get hectic if there is only one adult trying to keep up with both teams.

For an additional challenge, draw a goalpost on the dry erase board at the end of the table. The players try to hit between the goal arms after all questions are answered in order to win the game. Warning: this is fun for teens, but age twelve and below may find this too difficult.

Rules To Establish Pre-game:

  1. What methods of flicking the football are allowed?
  2. How will miss-hits be handled? (e.g., How many attempts can be made before the turn is over?)
  3. If the football goes off the table, does the player get to try again?
  4. What happens when it lands on a question that the player has already answered correctly? (e.g., better luck next time or try again now?)
Hint: I have found that allowing ONLY one attempt per turn, no matter what the error, prevents any question as to fairness. This also keeps the game moving along at a nice pace.

Hope your class gets a Kick out of this game! Yeah, that's right... third grade humor.

Have a blessed week.

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