Joseph Interprets Dreams

(Genesis 41)


  • Cardstock, any color.
  • Sticker paper

  • Laminating paper

  • Silver acrylic paint

  • Liquid soap (I used Dawn)
  • Black Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • A coin or other scratching device for each child


  1. Print any simple picture (black and white) on sticker paper. If desired, print another color picture for the back of the card (I used Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors because this lesson covered many aspects of Joseph's life, his coat was only one part of the story). All cards had Joseph’s coat on back, but each one had a different b&w picture on the front.
  2. Cut the cardstock to the desired size (any size as long as they are the same).
  3. Cut the stickers close to the picture, and apply to the cardstock.
  4. Cut pieces of laminate slightly larger than the sticker.
  5. Apply the laminate over the picture.
  6. Mix 2 parts paint and 1 part soap.
  7. Paint over the picture staying on top of the laminate.
  8. After the paint dries, use the sharpie to draw a tic-tac-toe grid over the paint. Number the boxes.
  9. Apply the coat sticker to the back.

I like highlighting areas of a lesson that are not taught as frequently. For instance, talking about Joseph's coat is usually the focal point. We talked about this part of the story, of course, but I decided to have our craft/game reinforce a different area. I chose how Joseph interprets dreams, and how dreams are not always what they seem. 

Give each child a scratch card and a coin.

Using a spinner, or by any other random selection, call out a number. Ask the children to scratch off the paint in that square only. By looking at that portion of the image, ask them to try and guess their picture. Continue in this manner until the entire picture is revealed. Discuss how difficult it was to know what the image was before it was completely uncovered. This is how God works. We don't always see His whole plan until later. That is why we must have faith that He knows best. 

The kids liked doing this so much that they each did two. Luckily, I had extra.

This is a simple activity that will work for almost any age group. I found the instructions for making the scratch cards here, via Pinterest. I simply changed the theme to match my lesson.

Hope you have a blessed week!

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