Mary Washed Jesus' Feet With Oil

(John 12:3)

John 12:3 tells us the story of when Mary washed Jesus’ feet with expensive oil and dried them with her hair. This is a fun one to tell the kids. I love to see their faces and hear their, “Eeewww” screeches. But after I explain the rituals of the day, and the significance of what Mary did, they seem to have a new respect for Mary and the situation. I do this craft every time this lesson comes up because it seems to have such a strong impact. One of my previous students, now a middle schooler, told me the other day that he still has his bottle of oil, which is what brought this one to my mind now.


  • Miniature bottles with corks (I purchase mine from Michael’s. They usually come in sets of 5 for a few dollars.)

  • Any kind of cooking oil (vegetable, olive, peanut, etc.)

  • Any dried spices you already have on hand (I like parsley, oregano, basil, & rosemary)

  • Clear glue (clear Elmer’s works great)

  • Miniature funnel


  1. If you have different shaped bottles, let the kids pick the one they want.
  2. Using the funnel, fill the jars with the oil.  Do this part yourself, letting the kids hold everything steady. They’re tiny bottles and will fill very quickly—but I bet you knew that already.
  3. Next, allow the kids to crush and sprinkle their choice of spices into the bottle.
  4. Have each child hold the extremely small cork between their thumb and forefinger while you dab a bead of clear glue around the bottom edge.
  5. Ask the child to place the cork into the bottle opening.
  6. Allow the glue to dry for several hours without removing the cork . This one is fine to go ahead and send home with the kids. Just be sure to tell Mom/Dad the cork needs to stay in the bottle till it dries.
Easy Breezy. ;-)

Come back soon, and have a blessed day!

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